Where to buy a cheap kalimba? The Complete Guide

Want to get a cheap kalimba, but don't know where to start? Want to compare the price of thumb pianos from all angles so you can choose wisely and avoid falling for a scam? This article is there for that!

The number of blades, the type of material used to make it, and the brand affect the price of a kalimba. An entry-level kalimba costs around $20, while the most expensive thumb pianos can cost upwards of $200.

We are therefore going to look at instruments costing up to 50 euros and see if it is really interesting for you to buy a cheap kalimba.

Cheap kalimba from 20 to 50€: low cost… and low quality

With a budget of 20 euros, you will get a small pocket piano that has 10 keys or less. There are also 8-key mahogany kalimbas for this price. They are small, slip into a pocket, which will allow you to play them almost anywhere when you have a little free time.

They are available for sale on the main online sales sites, such as Amazon, Cdiscount. On the other hand, a budget of 20 € is probably insufficient if you want a larger instrument with 15 keys or more.

At this price, the quality is felt in the inexpensive wood of the Ikea style, as well as the flat and thin blades of low quality which oxidize after a short time.

Is it a good idea to buy a cheap kalimba?

The kalimba is an inexpensive musical instrument. However, getting one for a budget of 20 to 50 euros, or even less, is not always a good idea. You run the risk of buying an object whose wood is of poor quality (it is often reconstituted wood, toxic and not very durable).

Therefore, it is strongly advised to increase your budget slightly to get a better quality, more durable and better sounding instrument.

Kalimba from 50 to 80€: the best compromise for all levels

A budget of 50 to 80€ is necessary if you want to buy a quality instrument that lasts and that you won't have to renew ten times because it's broken.

Very good pocket kalimbas can be purchased at this price. They are constructed of fine woods such as acacia or black walnut. There are also packs containing the instrument and a learning manual, the tuning hammer as well as sheet music.

If you invest even more (between 100 and 200€), you can also choose an even neater wood species for your Kalimba, such as White Maple, Black Walnut or Beech.

Not sure what kind of wood you want to choose for your instrument? Consult our guide to help you choose your kalimba wood on "Kalimba Wood: 11 Compared Materials to Choose Well" . You can then make an informed choice.

Can you find a cheap kalimba in acrylic glass?

One can also find kalimbas made from acrylic glass rather than wood. This transparent plastic substance, which has the appearance of glass, gives the instrument its allure. The real name of this substance is PMMA, or polymethyl methacrylate, better known as plexiglass.

However, this material is not really suitable if you are looking for a cheap kalimba, because it is more expensive than most woods! If budget is your #1 criteria, you should stick with wood.
Beware of scams and overly attractive prices!

The kalimba is a musical instrument still little known to the general public. It is therefore quite normal that you inquire about the price when you plan to buy one. But watch out for cheap kalimba deals that are too good to be true!

Careful . Many well-known brand name knockoffs are floating around online, so you might think you're buying a quality product and it's just a fake product, with low-quality material. Worse, some tell you that it is acrylic glass, when it is vulgar plastic...

On Pawpaw.ch, all our products are made of real wood, without compromising on quality. Our kalimbas are authentic, made of acacia, from reliable and reputable forests. The blades are engraved, very thick and curved for modern playing comfort. Discover our products now and start the most beautiful adventure of learning the kalimba!

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