The Harpika instrument - all about it

What are the origins of the Harpika?

It turns out that the Harpika was invented very recently, in 2022, by an Iranian musical instrument manufacturer.

On March 2022, the company "Iran Kalimba", which sells and produces kalimbas in particular, posted a video on its Instagram account to present an innovative instrument: the Harpika. It would have been imagined by Masoud Shemirani and designed by the Kalimba company of Iran. In addition to the kalimba, the Arjan harp, an Iranian harp, served as inspiration for the conceptualization of the Harpika. Since then, this new instrument has tended to become more popular due to the beautiful sounds it produces.

Why do we say that the Harpika is a mixture of harp and kalimba?

If the general appearance of the Harpika is largely reminiscent of a harp because of the many stretched strings that compose it, the association with the kalimba is not necessarily obvious at first glance.

In reality, you have to look at the arrangement of the musical notes to understand the parallel between the two instruments. A 17-string Harpika has exactly the same notes as a 17-key kalimba. So much so that all the songs that can be performed with a kalimba are fully compatible with a Harpika, which allows musicians to discover a whole new world of sound while remaining on familiar ground.

It is for all these reasons that the name Harpika was chosen by Masoud Shemirani, which is simply the contraction of the words harp and kalimba.

Where can I buy a Harpika?

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How to tune the Harpika?

Detailed guide included in your Harpikaland manual

Here's how to tune a harpika (which is similar to a kalimba):

First, make sure you have a tuner handy. You can use an online tuner, a tuner app on your phone, or a traditional tuner.

Place your harpika on a stable, flat surface. If you're using an online tuner or app, make sure your device is positioned to pick up the sound of your harpika.

Use your fingers to play each note individually, starting with the leftmost note and moving to the right. Look at the tuner to see if the note is in tune or if it needs to be adjusted.

If a note is too high, use a small screwdriver or other thin tool to gently turn the screw that holds the tine in place. Turn it counter-clockwise to lower the note, and clockwise to raise it. Repeat this step for each note that needs to be adjusted.

Once all the notes on your harpika are in tune, check them one last time by playing a full scale to make sure they sound good together.

It is important to note that the tuning of your harpika may change over time, especially if it is transported often or exposed to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. It is recommended to retune it regularly to ensure that it continues to produce a clear and harmonious sound.

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