Play without theory -
Read tabs for Kalimba

When you are not familiar with musical instruments, some aspects may seem complicated.

Fortunately, there is a way to play your favorite music without knowing the theory.

This method is tablature reading, a simplified type of music theory used to easily play the Kalimba.

1. Basic Questions

What is a Kalimba tablature?

The tablature or tab is a simplified score, that is to say:

The notes and their measures will not be displayed on the score, but the tablature will directly display the notes to be played on the corresponding keys of the instrument using an annotated graphic.

Reading is made easier with tablatures accompanied by a graphic. By the way, this kind of Tabs for Kalimba is coming soon to Pawpaw.

How to read Kalimba tablature?

It's really very simple, even if it can be confusing at first glance.

The 17-blade Kalimba model will be used in the example, as the tabs apply to all Kalimba models, with the only difference being the number of blades.

This graphic represents a system of annotated tablatures, it even has the type of note (half notes, semi-quavers etc..).

The part below the tablature represents your 17-note system, with its notes and number (C4 for example).

Reading is done from bottom to top. kalimba tablature example

To play this tablature, just follow the black dots. To play on time, listen to the original version of the music you have decided to learn in order to better understand its melody!

This is one more base.

You can now play the music you prefer. The tablatures are easily found on the internet and soon, on!

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